Pam is one of the top athletes (male or female) in the history of American ultra distance running. She is also an accomplished triathlete, regularly competing in Ironman races.

Pam ran marathons and 10Ks exclusively until 1991, when she moved up to the ultramarathon distance. Since then, she has completed more than 90 ultramarathon events (over 26.2 miles) winning multiple titles in trail, road and track ultras, including two overall victories at the Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135-mile endurance run in Death Valley, CA.

In 2012, ESPN Sport Science selected Pam to compete in an online competition to determine the best athlete of all time. While she did not win, she was selected to compete in the Endurance category and go head-to-head with athletes such as Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordan.

Her 2002 Badwater victory stunned the running world; she defeated the entire field by nearly five hours, and broke the existing women’s record by 1 hour, 51 minutes. She defended her title in July 2003, becoming the first woman to win two consecutive overall titles in the history of the world’s most difficult running race. Since then, she has broken the American women’s record in the 24-hour run, 48-hour run, and the 6-day race.

Pam was selected to run on the USA National Team for the 24-Hour run and three times for the 48-Hour run and has raced in Taiwan and the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and France.

Pam continues to be an age group finalist in multiple Ironman events each year and a top finisher in ultra marathon events.